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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Family Matters

I had a nice email tonight from someone concerned for family in Israel. They are fine. I'm always concerned about them, you know, since some their border buddies can get a wee bit cranky, but I'm not worried for several reasons.

First, they live in Arad and Be'er Sheva, both south of the West Bank, out of Hizbollah rocket range. Also, and more importantly, all three of my cousins work for צבא ההגנה לישראל, otherwise known as the Israeli Defense Force.

When I pop on CNN I do look for my youngest cousin, since he's active Army, but I havent seen him yet :)


Blogger JC said...

OMG! That is so wild! I work for IBM and we are doing a project with Haifa plant. They were told to clear out of the building and work from home until further notice. 2 hours after the building was cleared, I heard it was hit by Hezbollah rockets. I was in Munich at the time - that was eerie cause we were planning on going to the Olympic park the next day and we recognized the buildings that were part of the Athletes Village back in 1972. It was all very surreal talking into account past and present events

10:45 PM

Blogger Jason said...

That's good news that they're fine. It's a crazy time we live in, it still boggles my mind what's going on.

2:22 AM

Blogger Jim said...

JC: I would shut down Haifa too since that is almost in Lebanon, definitely within range!

Ooo, all that event crossover is freaky! Did you hear Twilight Zone music? :)

7:43 AM

Blogger Jim said...

I can't figure out the reasoning behind most of it, Jason. I try to keep current on the broad strokes, other than that there is still life to live.

7:45 AM

Blogger john said...

We'll say a prayer for the safety of everyone involved in the fighting.

10:05 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Definitely John, I'm concerned about the innocent bystanders in Lebanon.

11:06 AM

Blogger john said...

I'm glad your family is safe. I hope they stay that way...

10:12 PM

Blogger El Güero said...

Wow! Now that's bringing the news close to home.

3:42 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks John, me too!

7:10 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes Michael, its too close for my taste but they have grown used to it.

7:11 AM


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