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Sunday, April 29, 2007


11 directors.
From 11 countries.
Make 11 short movies.
Each 11 minutes.
All different perspectives of September 11th.

Anger, sadness, apathy, humor, confusion, understanding, courage - its all here. None of these shorts is stellar on its own, but together they are a very thought-provoking piece using one event in American history to tie otherwise disjoint people and cultures together.

I loved it. My favorite short was the entry from the US, directed by Sean Penn. There is only one actor on screen, the now 90 year old Ernest Borgnine, he was great!

The short from Israel, directed by one of my favorites, Amos Gitai, was also good. It puts 9/11 in the perspective of a people that live with smaller but similar events on a daily basis.

The short from Mexico, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel) was very well-done, creative but brutal to watch.


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Anonymous Jason said...

I will have to find this one to view. I never heard about it until now. Sounds very compelling.
Hope all is well :)

11:28 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Everything is great, Jason!

8:00 AM


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