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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Stone Street is an alley connecting Main with Elm. It was one of the first retail projects in the new version of downtown. Since opening Stone Street has had a 100% turnover in tennants. This is not entirely bad since the initial set of restaurants were boring. At least the new crop is offering more ethnic variety. One of the new entries, just opening in 2006, is this place which I was happy to discover last weekend.

Tuk Tuk
115 Stone Place
Dallas, TX 75201

If your looking to impress someone, keep moving. The atmosphere at Tuk is casual, as in shorts and flip flops, thought I'd stop by kinda casual. It is presentable and comfortable but that is about all.

There is the same omnipresent vanilla alternative rock playing in the background here, just like every other place in downtown (including where I live). It is not intrusive and conversations don't have to be constructed out of yelling and sign language.

The fare is Asian. Not any particular variety since I noticed Chinese, Thai and Korean but I would say it is slight more Thai than anything. Most of the people behind the scenes are Thai, so I would expect it to be Thai-owned.

What you really want to know is how the food stacks up. Its great. I've tried the Pad Thai, Green Curry and BulGoGi. All just as good as any other place in Dallas and to be honest their Pad Thai appeals to me more than other places since it is less sweet and more savory.

Since this place is just around the corner I wind up calling in takeaway on those late nights as I round the toll plaza from the commute home. They usually see me coming and meet me outside.

Its hard to ride up the elevator with the bag without breaking it open.

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Blogger Michael said...

I'm jealous.
If I want good Asian food, I have to shlep out to Tiveria (about 15km). Without a car, that's a fun trip...

But Pagoda is worth it. On your next trip to Israel, get up north and try it out.

5:17 AM

Blogger Joshua said...

I like the casual scene, much better. Glad your finding spots and getting acclimated!

6:17 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Wow Michael, it might be worth learning a few good Chinese recipies and cooking at home.

I wont get to the north on the upcoming trip but maybe in 08!

8:43 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Definitely Josh, and thanks!

8:50 AM

Blogger Michael said...

My wife is a wicked cook with a wok.
We had to leave the wok behind when we moved, but she has been able to recreate some of her Oriental-inspired chicken dishes, the sweet & sour chicken is especially good.

4:40 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Michael, so, dinner at your house? :)

Thats too bad you had to leave the wok behind but nice to know improvisation is alive and well!

6:35 AM

Blogger Michael said...

nice to know improvisation is alive and well

She uses the Dutch oven pot as a deep fryer. It works pretty well.

7:30 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Michael, she rocks! :)

6:45 AM

Blogger Michael said...

I knew there was a reason why I married her...

7:06 AM


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