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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The first of the year I try to get together my travel destinations for the rest of the year. This year is difficult because I've included some new travel mates and you know how it goes when you try to get more than two people to agree to times and locations. So far we have this list.

Fort Lauderdale: Never been and it might be a good weekend jaunt. I've been to Miami a bunch of times but everyone tells me FLL is a different experience (Not sure how since its only a couple of miles north, who knows!)

Santa Fe / Albuquerque: For a number of years my sister and I went to the Santa Fe Wine and Chili Fiesta. I loved it for the longest time then it just became too commercial. Its been about 5 years so we're thinking of giving it another chance this year.

Prague: I've been curious about Prague for a very long time. After seeing Jason's photo essay I am convinced this will be on the roster, even if I have to go by myself.

Morocco: If I had to vote for the country with the most beautiful people it would be a toss up between Israel, Turkey and this place. The culture here fascinates me with its influences from Spain and France.

Istanbul: To me this is the ultimate in east meets west, I mean literally and geographically this is the city where that happens! My parents are going there this summer so I might pop over and visit with them, maybe Cousin from Israel can join since its relatively close.

So, where are you thinking of traveling this year?



Blogger john said...

I would love to go to Prague and visit the churches there. Being a devout Catholic, I would like to see the church where they've got the Infant of Prague.

1:54 PM

Blogger Ryan Charisma said...


One of my friends is Morrocan, and he said that 'gays would have alot of fun there.' I think the men are beautiful, but I also don't want to be arrested and beaten because I have a domestical partener either.

2:24 PM

Blogger Jim said...

The churches are a big pull for me too John!

10:43 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Ryan, I've known quite a few gay men to travel to Morocco, all without incident. I think the real worry is being targeted as an American, not that I will ever let that stop me.

10:45 PM

Blogger JC said...

Prague would be a lot of fun, best of both worlds I hear. You can do the tourist things by day and the nite life is suppose to be great too...but it might require you know the language a bit...not likely to find too many English speaking/music clubs I'd imagine...yet the history and architecture -wow...

I would like to go to Greece (FOOD!) and Croatia (Grandfather came from the Dalmation Islands) I have some peebles from the beach that one of the 'old family' sent one time, but they are all long gone. I guess it got hard to keep in touch once it went Communist with McCarthyism and such....

Also near LjubLjana?, Slovenia is suppose to have a really neat castle on an island in middle of a Lake Bled. It is suppose to be a real favorite landmark for it's picturese (sp?) vista's

and maybe Ireland or Hawaii

but I have managed so far is New Orleans! Did manage to run into Brad and Angelina riding bikes witht he kids when we were there.

I think Morocco would be good, but I would be concerned in a muslim country about and gay PDA's... they can be a bit harsh about it..

7:19 PM

Blogger Jim said...

JC, yay for you making it to New Orleans! I've been curious about seeing it post-Katrina. Greece would be great too, like you said, FOOD and HISTORY. So many places to explore!

6:22 AM


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