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Saturday, February 02, 2008


Daniel Day Lewis doesn't do too many films but when he does you can be almost certain his performance will be excellent. Similarly menacing as his character in Gangs Of New York, he puts forth what will surely net him the best actor award on Oscar's night. But what surprised me was newcomer Paul Dano's (Little Miss Sunshine) performance was equally as strong.

I liked There Will Be Blood, the story that, at least on the surface, is the story of a man's drive to become one of the founding fathers of the oil industry. But just below that surface we see it's really the story of unchecked greed; the irrational sacrifices , human and otherwise, he makes on the way to becoming the oil tycoon and all in the name of money. What makes this film so strong and even more important is the equally greedy pastor (Dano) who plays with devil to spread the word of G-d, at least his misguided and over-architected interpretation.

The only complaint I have, and its small in the big picture, is that some of the scenes were painfully slow and seemed not to add much to the overall flow of the film. But that being said, the last 30 minutes are an incredible roller coaster ride of oilman dueling holy man that will keep you guessing which evil will win.

In any case the title is dead on balls accurate - there will be blood.

9.999/10 :)

There Will Be Blood

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Blogger john said...

I thought Daniel was hot in the film Beautiful Launderette.

10:33 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I keep meaning to see that one too John!

6:32 AM


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