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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Peep Show

New place is in the Museum District. I'm on the fringe in a transitional area that is partially an older black community and partially yuppies of all flavors who work in the medical center. If you know Houston, you know that zoning has never been something they consider important. In this neighborhood there is a little of everything: medical services, retail, low income housing, million dollar townhomes and a string of african art galleries and BBQ shops.

On one side of me there is a 5000 sf house built in the 30's. Its a beautiful home that has been well-maintained. As is typical for this this neighborhood, houses like these are partitioned into apartments. This house has 10 or so college aged students; I dont think I've seen anyone over 25 come in or out. But they are quiet and respectful so far.

On the other side of me there are two duplexes. Two younger black families with kids; they are very nice and expect for the kiddies playing in backyard, also very quiet. Directly across from me are two low income 8-plexs. At first glance they are scary looking, as are some of the people hanging around them, but everyone there has been very friendly and helpful.

Let's start looking at new place from the top down. There are four floors. Top floor is the bed-bath combo.

Master Bath

Tub, Entry to Shower

Shower Area

Master Bath

Built Ins

Love the bathroom, particularly the 16 ft of builtins (there is another row opposite which you can't see). The back of the builtins forms the wall for the bedroom.

One thing I just discovered is that the position of the mirror over the sink allows a direct view through the front of the unit to me in the shower. Not that anyone in the house beside me is going to go out of their way to view such but its available. At first it freaked me out, now I just laugh. I'll probably wind up on YouTube.



Blogger john said...

Gorgeous bathroom! And what a flavorful sounding neighborhood.

3:46 PM

Blogger suzy said...

Wow! That is a very nice bathroom! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of the rest of the your new home.

12:12 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks John, and yes, its definitely an interesting mix here.

7:59 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Suzy. The others are coming soon!

8:00 PM


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