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Sunday, May 18, 2008


So far the Rice Military area is not working out for leases. One unit was all sage green walls and ceilings. Understandably the owner was not willing to repaint. Understandably I passed considering all my stuff is red, orange, black and white. Whatever happened to white walls? lol. The other unit was pulled off the market Friday at 5pm. This was after we negoatiated a price, filled out the lease application and moved money around to get the process going. Some excuse about a brother in law "surprise" coming into town for a month of training and letting him use the place. Sketchy? You bet.

Anyway, I went back to Houston yesterday and looked at another round. This time in downtown and the Montrose. I love downtown Houston; its nothing less than amazing what they've done since I lived there last. New skyscrapers are going up all over the east end, along with even more sports arenas. The retail is coming in, although not nearly enough to support the throngs of people creating waiting list for downtown residential.

Then there was the Montrose. What can you say, its always been a funky area and its even more so now. $500K townhomes next to sex shops which are next to churches which are next to schools which are just several blocks away from River Oaks, the old money neighborhood. Like I said, funky.

I found a 3-story townhome there. It had been empty for 3 months at a decent price and then I found out why. Its 2500 sq. feet but really only has one bedroom. The second bedroom is only 10x10 which pales in comparison to the master which is 25x20. The second bedroom is the major access to the patio, making it more of a sitting area or TV room. There are no interior walls except for the ones on the bathrooms and the small bedroom, everything else is open. The place feels more like an art gallery or museum, which I loved, very unconventional.

Lets hope this one goes through. That would most convenient considering I move in a week.

Speaking of that I better get back to my boxes and bubble.



Blogger A Bear in the Woods said...

I lived in Montrose back in the '80's! It was like that back then, too. Except back then it was wall to wall hustlers and homeless guys. It was heaven, if you were into street sex. All those art galleries are there because art galleries run on sex.
Or so I've heard.

6:37 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I think it might have changed a bit since then since alot of Montrose is now 500K townhomes and Jaguars. Moot point though since I wont be moving there either, lol.

9:55 PM


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