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Sunday, August 03, 2008

500ml Epinephrine Push

I shut my cable down years ago - no regrets. It does keep me from watching some series real-time but I've found renting them from Blockbuster with a lag is perfectly acceptable. Of course I dont know what shows are available on TV but my friends offer recommendations. So far I've really liked some of their suggestions like Six Feet Under and Sopranos.

Earlier this year someone recommended this series. Probably because when I worked for The Company, I worked with a few people I was sure didn't have social security numbers, employment records or any other information that could verify their existence.

The someone was right. After watching the first show I went on gluttonous weekend of watching the complete first season, all 24 espisodes. All I can say is this is not the show to watch right before bedtime, you probably wont descend the suspense cliff quickly.

I love the writers for this show. While mainly sledgehammer action and insane suspense that loops back on itself, the situations and dialogue required some head work to make the progression of events seem anywhere near believable.

I've always liked Kiefer Sutherland and now I like him more. I would not have cast him as the hard-boiled counter terrorist operative but it works well. I'm only up to Season 4 but so far, aside from the Jack Bauer character, my favorite is Chloe. Her "personality disorder" driven behavior gives a much needed, quirky pause to the 45 minutes of jaw-clenching suspense.

Now that I've seen it I really dont understand the years-gone-by Muslim (over)reaction to 24. Yes, they portray some of their terrorists as Muslim. That is realism on screen, isnt it? They have also portrayed some terrorists as American, Serbian, French, German and Mexican; none of which had any connection to Islam. It seems balanced, not pointed or skewed to me.

Besides that, isnt the big picture message of the show that no matter how crazy and evil you are there will always be someone just as crazy but good to invalidate all of your well-planned destruction and, in fact, your very existence?


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Blogger suzy said...

I love 24, I have the first two seasons on DVD. I find it is easier to watch them on DVD, not TV. That way I don't miss anything when I am interupted.

8:41 PM

Blogger Jim said...

So true Suzy. And you dont have to wait until next week to see what happens next :)

6:24 AM


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