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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baruch Atah Y'all

I almost forgot. In my unconventional holiday this year I celebrated Hanukkah. A co-worker turned friend who lives around the corner from me invited me over to help their family celebrate Hanukkah. They are a great couple with a very smart, well-behaved 8 year old son; my Jewish family when I can't be with my Jewish family in Israel (who apparently are quite busy right now kicking the crap out of Hamas but thats a post for another day).

They had a interesting collection of minoras. I really liked the multi-colored metal one that comes apart and can be reconfigured in 8! ways. That might be the architectural geek in me. Or maybe the math geek in me condsidering I just used a factorial sign in a blog post. Sheesh. Anyway, the most interesting one (not pictured simply because we ate it) was the edible minora; frozen oreos topped with chocolate ice cream, each of which had a candle embedded. There were 8 of them and only 5 of us so I had to help them out and try one. I'm sure thats a mitzvah despite the sugar coma that followed.

Minora Collection

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Blogger suzy said...

It sounds like it was fun! I like the idea of edible minoras.
Have a good New Year! We are going to be jumpin'!

11:00 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Suzy, I hope you have a good NY too!

7:10 AM


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