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Sunday, January 04, 2009


People have been asking how my family in Israel is doing. As far as I know they are fine, I haven't heard anything to the contrary. Yes, the city most of them live in, Be'er Sheva, has been bombed. To make things more fun, all three of the cousins are expecting this month. I may not hear from them again until February, considering.

I was reluctantly glad to see Israel make the move on Gaza, considering the missle range of Hamas is now reaching Israel's third largest city. Continuing to wait would only bring certain destruction to Be'er Sheva, Tel Aviv and, who knows, probably Jerusalem. Hamas is a loose cannon; irresponsible, illogical, immoral and a complete disservice to the its people and the region.

I think Israel's Achille's heel has been waiting and bowing to world opinion. Through every "truce" and "ceasfire" Hamas has continued launching missles on Israel, clearly indicating peaceful co-existence is not on their agenda. But of course, what would one expect from them, destruction of the state of Israel is part of their manifest. In writing and certainly in practice.

Israel not responding to these threats since leaving the Gaza strip has lulled the public into a "oh another rocket was launched into Israel" reaction, like it's as benign as a penny rise in gas prices. It is not benign; their intent, no matter how successful, is still to destroy. I'm betting if Mexico starting launching missles on Houston the reaction would be a little different at home. We would probably see the USAF taking out anything that moved in Mexico. Not to mention the inevitable traffic jam that would result from the many pickups and concealed weapons rushing southward toward the border.

But fortunately for us we have reasonable neighbors that don't want us destroyed.



Blogger Michael said...

"But fortunately for us we have reasonable neighbors that don't want us destroyed."

America doesn't know how lucky it is.

And Pres. Elect Obama hasn't got a clue.

7:35 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Correct Michael, nor do we seem to pay much attention outward.

As for Obama, I'm hoping and we will see shortly.

9:28 AM

Blogger Michael said...

I'm hoping, too, but he's already given some hints:

He was silent when Israel started the Gaza op, saying only, 'America has one president and one foreign policy at a time,'

yet, he was willing to sound off at length about the economic crisis.

And he has confirmed his desire to open channels to Hamas.

I don't think it bodes well...

2:10 AM

Blogger Jim said...

True Michael but there may not be a Hamas by Jan 20 :)

6:15 AM


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