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Monday, January 05, 2009


Done. Kind of done. I keep adding more red if only to tone down the orange. Occassionally I add a brown or black streak. I doubt I'll truly ever be "done".

A lot of people have seen this in person and they always have questions. Here is my spin.

This is my abstract impression of Jerusalem after my trip to Israel.

It was a very emotional experience being inside the walls of the old city. Its overload in every respect, not to mention this is the birthplace of the three big religions. Because it was more emotional I went with red and orange as the dominant colors since those are most emotional to me.

The big red circle is G-d. I was going to put the Hebrew word for G-d in the center, but that seemed trite. Plus I suck at Hebrew script. Then I was going to fill te big circle with a white-yellow color to be more G-d like but that seemed ugly. And stupid. I finally decided to go Kabbalah; you cannot describe or represent that which is G-d. So, I didn't.

The 3 smaller red circles are the 3 religions represented in Jerusalem. The circles are raised and rough-edge with fiber paste. The symbols are not centered in the circles. My point here, albeit very unpopular, is that no religion is perfect or centered. They are interpretations of G-d according to independent systems of thought. Only collectively do they make sense and converge on a true meaning.

Oh yeah, I also needed something to match my red and orange vase. LOL



Blogger suzy said...

I like it. I like the off center symbols. I like the movement. The colors are good. I like the orange and the reds, it reminds me of the heat of the dessert.

1:08 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Suzy! Most people cant take the brightness but thats what I like about it :)

6:27 AM


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