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Monday, January 09, 2006


Suzy. I've known Suzy since I was single digits and our families lived next door to each other in Mobile, Alabama. Gosh, that was like over 20 years ago (way over, right Suzy? :) She lived in Sao Paulo and was my virtual guide when I went to Brazil last year.

Suzy just had her first child last year and shes started a blog about motherhood and her son, Lon. This kid is cute, really cute.

Sleepless in Babyland


Blogger suzy said...

Thank you for the kind intro. I think we moved to Mobile the year after Camile. so that was, what, 10 years ago? ;) Funny how the years get defined by events. The year the dog died, not the actual number. I have very fond memories of Mobile. Your father's tarzan yell in the morning. The garbage can of rebel yell. Your cat tormenting our dogs, sitting just barely out of reach on the fence. Punching my hand though the window, your mom being so calm and she rushed me to my mom at the hospital. Your mom was so cool and calm I did not think there was anything to worry about as we kept changing towels around my wrist. and they say boys are the ones who do stupid things that they end up in the emergency room for. I have so much to look forward to!

12:52 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes, I think you are close, maybe 5 years ago :)

Oh. My. G-d. I forgot about my Dad's morning Tarzan yell. How funny. Or your Dad asking for rolls at our joint dinners and my dad throwing then from the other end of the table.

Oh yeah, the window incident. I still remember how cool I thought it was that we could see the layers of skin, I remember us looking at them in amazement. My mom was never one for hysterics. Well, unless someone selected the wrong fabric to cover a sofa. :) lol.

(Pardon us while we walk down memory lane :)

9:31 AM


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