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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I usually don't make New Years resolutions, I tend to make them when I think they need to be made. Here are the ones that I 've already started or promise I will start, right after I finish procrastinating ;)

  • Drink less coffee. I know, right, good one Jim. I found myself up to about 12 cups a day last semester. I think this might be a bit much, even for me. Maybe this is somehow tied to the pains in my stomach?
  • Lose 11 pounds. Along with excessive coffee drinking, I was not eating well or regularly. Add a maybe I'll work out once a week exercise program and poof, you're a fatass! lol. 4 down, 7 more to go.
  • Be nicer to stupid people. OK, this one will be hard for me but I am trying. Usually these people are those that I encounter on a freeway or in a club.
  • Spanish on the transcript. Its been an eye-opener to look for jobs in my new industry. Many of them are internationally based positions, most of those are dealing with Latin America. Although they don't require Spanish, I can see now that opportunities will be greater for those that have Spanish on record. I can speak Spanish, somewhat, but its a flavor that is popular in Mexico and Cuba.
  • More socializing. Do you hear that, people that complained about last year? This starts this Thursday!
  • Cut bad dates off quickly. Like immediately. You can verify this is in process by talking to The Extrovert :)
  • Visits to Austin. Austin is looking like the number 1 or 2 city for me, so I'm making plans to explore it in depth.
  • Fixup the townhome by June. I may not sell it considering what is happening in my area but at least I will be prepared. There is also a possibility that a developer may come in and buy this property at 200-250K a unit, if that becomes more tangible I will definitely hold. My handyman came over today and we banged out 4 of the 30 items on the fixup list.
  • Drink more red wine. My BP went up over last year, not bad but still higher. My doc recommends red wine (1-2 glasses) over vodka as an effort to control the upward trend. Okie dokie, since its medicinal and all!

So there, I post these here, in public form, so that you, my kind and compassionate friends, may hold these over my head later :)


Blogger Adam said...

I think the being nicer to stupid people is the only one I see as a bit too ambitious. That's just from my perspective though. Otherwise I'm confident that you can achieve the other items.

9:31 AM

Blogger The Persian said...

Much luck Jim with your resolutions! I hear ya on the coffee...I just cant help it sometimes when I need that PICK ME UP. Wine over Vodka? NOOOO..i'd rather have water. But then again, I'm in my 12th day of sobriety (one of my NYRs) so I shouldn't even be mentioning Vodka..


9:44 AM

Blogger Brian said...

We really are on the same page: Less coffee, more wine, fix up the house, learn Spanish, lose a few pounds.....But why bother being nice to stupid people? It's not like they can tell the difference, being stupid and all.

6:18 PM

Blogger Jim said...

You're right Adam, it is. But, I am going to try to be nicer to those pathetic wastes of human life. (kidding!)

10:09 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Jim, best of luck with your too! Oh, I hear ya about the perk up, if I dont have 3 cups before I hit the shower, I would drown :)

No mentioning vodka, wine or anything else with the A-word. Go Jim!

10:19 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Brian, as always, you make an excellent point! lol. If they dont know Im not being nice, why go through the effort? :)

10:29 PM


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