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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry, its been a heavy travel week, um, month.

My birthday was a whirlwind. I was in ATL at a conference. Apologies to my ATL friends for not calling but my schedule was packed to the 15 minute interval. Boss and boss's dad did take me to lunch at a nice place downtown called Ray's - highly recommended.

The parental visit to Dallas was very fun. They rather liked the apt. and downtown Dallas. My dad even ventured to the sketchy corner where the drunks and hookers hang to get a newspaper. We had the best dinner at Stephan Pyles. I have been there several times but this time we all tried the 10 course tasting menu. Un-believable! Please allow 3-4 hours for the tour.

I will try to post some pics of the White Trash Birthday my friend Kendra threw for her Hubbie's 40th. What a hoot. There were some really trashy costumes. Tara went all Bon Jovi video slut and I went Ricky Bobby (I dont recommend this nylon costume for outdoor parties in the summer!) lol

Cheers, J.



Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

Welcome back to Big D. I'm just starting to rediscover downtown - it has totally changed since I moved away in 2004 WOW. I'd love to see a post of your favorite low budget dives. I'm all about dives :) Have a great weekend Jim

5:53 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Steve, thanks! I havent found any "dive-y" places in downtown yet but Tuk Tuk (Stone St) is my favorite inexpensive restaurant.

6:20 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Oh cool. Sounds like you're the one to call when touring the Dallas area. I like the occasional seedy detours.

Looking forward to the White Trash Party pics. Is that anything like the White Party the gays are so fond of??

6:05 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Jason, I'll be happy to give you a tour of the sketchy corner when you come to Dallas. I can see it all from my apt window :)

No, the WT party is nothing at all like the White Party!

8:37 AM


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