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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tiyul - Getting My Jew On

Wow, only a few weeks left before Galina, HEU Tara and I jet off to the Holy Land. I think I am more excited about this trip to Israel than I was about Brasil. I think my cousin the Negev is more excited about our coming than we are (if thats possible). She has been planning, re-planning, gathering family and making our intra-Israel arrangements for months. My guess is that she doesn't get a whole lot of visitors, sadly. And its too bad too, being Israeli Police, she can show us places most tourists (heck, most Israelis) wont see.

While we won't be visiting my cousin in the West Bank, he will be meeting us in Be'er Sheva for Shabbat and again in Yerushalayim. I kinda want to see the West Bank, but then again, I kinda don't, lol.

Anyway, now about that 4 months of work I have yet to do before I leave. That will explain my lack of coherent postings and one-line comments. Sorry.


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Blogger john said...

Have a safe trip!

10:45 AM

Anonymous Jason said...

Wow, that sounds exciting. Remember, safety in numbers!

You know I'm going to request that you take a lot of photos!

10:48 AM

Blogger Michael said...

Enjoy your time here; it's like coming home, isn't it?

11:12 AM

Blogger steve'swhirlyworld said...

I'm so excited for've een talking about this for a while. This will be a trip of a lifetime. Enjoy every moment - avoid sleep, and take a ton of pictures! We want to see!

6:26 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks John, we will!

9:50 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Yes Jason, safety in numbers. Oh and safety with cousin, who is armed and lethal :)

No worries about photos, big camera is ready and has an extra memory card now!

10:38 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I think so Michael, but its my first time !

10:44 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I know Steve! And it is just around the corner. Let the shopping for hiking gear and "appropriate Jerusalem" clothing begin :)

There will be gobs of photos, no worries there.

10:50 PM

Anonymous sangroncito said...

WOW! Exciting.
I vote yes on the West Bank.

3:29 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I think we will driving through the WB, Sangroncito but we porbably wont stay there.

8:17 PM

Blogger carl r said...

Sounds like quite the trip.
My girlfriend wants to take me there, the next time we both have simultaneous vacation time.

4:55 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Carl, I should have some travel tips for the region by mid Nov should you and the GF plan a trip.

11:12 PM

Blogger Michael said...

I think so Michael, but its my first time

Your first time in Israel? You'll love it; you'll feel at home; you'll come right back when the trip is over.

This country is magnetic, for us Jews.

Oh, and a piece of advice: If you try a street shwarma, don't before 10am. The meat's not cooked through earlier than that...

2:55 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Michael, yeah, I have been meaning to go there for some time, since the Jewish part of the family relocated there in 1972, but it always seemed a "bad time".

I'm excited to see the family, the history and to see how I feel when I stand at HaKotel for the first time.

3:59 PM


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