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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


And now its almost Thursday and I'm just getting around to writing about last weekend!

I had a fun time last weekend catching up with some neglected friends.

First, Realtor and I went to look at the Metropolitan, which is the only building for purchase in the downtown area that I had not seen yet. While the other offerings in the downtown proper area have been lacking, the Metropolitan may be a good choice. I liked the location, price point, floor plans, amenities and some of the views from the upper floors are breath taking. The parking lot next to the building will be converted into a park next year, big plus. And, most importantly, the residents were friendly and from a quick glance, very diverse.

Metropolitan - 25th floor view

Metropolitan - Pool

Metropolitan - Pool Feeds

Lovely Joan and I went to dinner at Toy's on Lemmon Ave. I love Toy's but since I moved out of the Oak Lawn area I don't think about it. I love this place because it's small, family run and has the best veggie Thai in town. Toy herself will come around at least twice to make sure there are no complaints. Joan and I talked beyond their closing time but there was no pressure to get out. When we finally did come out of our conversation haze we noticed Toy waiting patiently by the door all smiles and come back soon.

Fort Worth was the main event. I had roped some friends into going with me to the Kimbell Museum to see the "Earliest Christian Art" exhibit. I found it fascinating and extremely well-displayed. Too many symbols and too many meanings to digest in one sitting but I chose a section and learned what I could. And now I know where the "ChiRho" symbol comes from, so, my life is finally complete! :) (Its the first two letters from the Greek spelling of Christ, in case you were wondering).

Early Christian Chi Rho Symbol

In order to get my friends to come to the exhibit I had to exchange going with them to the newly reopened 651, which is Fort Worth's gay country bar. I remember this place back in the 90's, it was almost an every weekend stop for me. I can't tell you how much fun I had there and how many great people I met. Unfortunately after the owner died it fell into a funk, changed hands, got funkier then eventually closed. I'm happy to say it is back in its original form and kicking ass once again.

And what weekend could be complete without a chili cookoff. Well, its Texas, what do you want? I have never seen so MANY types of chili under one roof. Every type of meat met every type of bean and sauce imaginable. I think my favorite was the black bean pork (sorry Jewish family!) chili with roasted New Mexican chilis and chipotle oil. I broke a sweat but it was worth it!

I'm intentionally leaving out all the details about the date I netted from the Fort Worth weekend. Its a dinner thing tomorrow night, so we'll see if it turns into anything, then maybe I'll talk about it :)


Anonymous Jason said...

Do tell.

4:37 PM

Blogger Jim said...

It was interesting. Is that vague enough :)

7:03 PM

Blogger john said...

That's a great looking pool!

10:27 AM

Blogger Jim said...

I kinda liked that too John (and Im not really a pool person!)

8:56 AM


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