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Thursday, August 14, 2008


After cousin Marnina's huge news about her pregnancy I got to thinking I had not been learning any Hebrew and I hadn't seen an Israeli movie in ages. In order keep in touch with my Middle Eastern roots I rented this one. Its a slow-mover but powerful just the same. It was nice to see an Israeli film that did not cover the terrorist or Palestinian topic.

Basically this is a story of one family unraveling and coming back together after the unexpected (and very odd) death of the father/husband. What I liked, aside from the scenery of Haifa, which I have not visited yet, was that the story resonated with reality. Scenes were awkward, tense and heart-warming in way that was believable rather than contrived. Despite the implosion of family architecture, in the end perspectives are adjusted and everything is בסדר (B'Seder, alright).

כנפיים שבורות‎ (Knafayim Shvurot, Broken Wings)

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Blogger Michael said...

Too bad we can't find Israeli movies here subtitled in English... erg!

Anyway, you should see Haifa. It's got some very good scenery (and some very bad), but remember: DO NOT drive there. Haifa traffic is a 3-D clusterfuck, and that's being generous...

5:31 AM

Blogger Jim said...

Oh wow, I'll have to keep that in mind when I visit. Why is the traffic so horrendous?

8:40 PM


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