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Friday, August 15, 2008


One of my neighbors while living in Dallas was a lovely lady named Joyce. Joyce was an interesting character - Chinese ancestry, born in London and raised in Jamaica; she didn.t see the U.S. until she was in her 60's. She had the accent, mannerisms and stories of a Jamaican. She was animated, energetic to the point that most people immediately shaved 30 years from her age, usually calling her 50 something not realizing she was 84. And she could cook Jerk Chicken like noone's business.

I love Jerk Chicken and while many try to make the dish happen in the US, it often just lays there lifeless. Lucky for me I live around the corner from Reggae Hut, a wonderful Jamaican restaurant serving authentic Jerk Chicken.

A co-worker, Sistah L, found this place online. I recognized the name having seen it daily and a group of us from the Cancer Shoppe decided to give a lunchtime try. There wasn't much conversation during lunch. The J's, engaged non-verbal communication; eyebrow raises and a few sounds that universally mean "We Like". And like we did. Sistah L was given due praise for her excellent find and we all vowed to return.

The atmosphere at Reggae Hut is very casual, the decor defintely could be considered island-ish. Not the place to take your snooty friends, more a place to take your real friends, your real friends who appreciate great food.

Other items to try here beside the Jerk Chicken are the Meat Pies; a spicy curry-spiked pastry shell wrapped around sweet-savory spiced ground beef. These are the size of small calzones so becareful not to order a dozen for apps. The Cocoa Bread was very interesting; a spongy-firm bread resemebling King rolls but with a hint of unsweetened cocoa. You'll definitely appreciate the neutralizing effect of the Cocoa Bread against the heat of the Casabel chile.

A special note to anyone who thinks they like spicy food. Jamaican fare is partial to Casabel chiles, which could be used as a lethal weapon, making the Habanero seems as tame as a bell pepper. So be careful with the colorful array of Casabel-based sauces stacked up at the entry. You could put an eye out.

Reggae Hut
4814 Almeda
Houston, TX 77004


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Blogger john said...

I have only tasted restaurant jerked chicken, so I don't know how to compare it to anything else. And the one place I have had this jerked chicken, doesn't specialize in Jamaican cuisine.

11:11 PM

Blogger suzy said...

Sounds like another restaurant to add to my list of places to dine.

12:48 AM

Blogger Jim said...

John, if you can find an authentic Jamaican, its worth a visit, just be in the mood for heat! :)

6:26 AM

Blogger Jim said...

That and Pasha, Suzy. (And of course, Frenchys!) :)

6:27 AM


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