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Saturday, January 14, 2006


F.I.T., its the acronym for my new get back into the swing routine. It stands for (cover your eyes, mom) Fuck It Thursday. I thought about borrowing ARC from my friend Tara, this would be the terribly efficient Ass Reduction Campaign, but that would not be appropriate for my situation and I think a few people would complain bitterly should I journey down that path. I could have borrowed Brother Nick's GARC, a derivative of ARC, which stands for Gut and Ass Reduction Campaign. Still not appropriate, I needed something to tie together multiple resoultions.

So F.I.T., basically on every day but Thursday you eat 1600 calories in 4 400-calorie meals (one glass of wine count as a meal) On Thursday you eat and drink whatever you want. Naturally it follows that my going out and socializing will be on Thursdays. I picked Thusday because I don't have to be up until 9am on Friday :)

Every day but Thursday there is 30 minutes of yoga and 1 hour of weight training. On Thursday there is no exercise but there is a weighing in before the eating and drinking begin. This week - 5 down, 6 more to go and I think the fat boy 501's circa 1985 can be safely tucked into the back of the closet again :)

This F.I.T. I did some socializing with friends. We tried new places (for us) in uptown: Perrys and Nobu. More on those later (pics included) but today I have to kick ass since I'm having a January Celebration dinner party tonight. Don't ask where the 10 people are going to sit since my dining room table can only seat 4.

Happy weekend everyone!


Blogger BRETTCAJUN said...

Good luck with your program Jim!!! I am in the SAME boat! I hate feeling fat! Grrr...

1:30 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thanks Brett! No way, you could never be fat!

5:33 PM


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