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Monday, January 16, 2006

Educating Noeha Part 1

My friend Noeha has a new job, the Director of Sales and Marketing of the new Ritz Carlton in Dallas. Just one little challenge, she isn't terribly familiar with the uptown/downtown area that the hotel will service and her boss is already charging her with setting up power lunches in 'appropriate' venues.

Last Thursday we decided to take her out and show her a few 'appropriate' venues.

2911 Routh St
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 214-871-9991

I hesitate to call Perry's a steakhouse since it serves more inventive dishes than steak and seafood, even though the menu has those items should you want them. It has an old-world, wood-paneled, dimly-lit study feel; sophisiticated yet entirely comfortable. Looking out over the sea of patrons I saw mainly well-dressed 30-50 somethings in the dining area and casually dressed 20-30 somethings in the bar area where we were. Minimal pretense and maximal enjoyment set the tone.

The Plate
Since we were visiting two places we opted for apps rather than full-sized plates.

Tuna Tartar: I regret not taking a photo of this. Squeaky fresh tuna cut into small chunks and coated in a light wasabi sour cream sauce; separate hot Thai sauce that could be mixed in to your liking. Crunchy garlic sourdough toasts as a base. Vertical presentation of densely packed lettuce, avocado and tomato to accompany; the sides looked like they had been molded into a large cylinder before the presentation, very nice.

Calamari: Woo! Thick cut toothy strips of calamari fried greaselessly and served with a smoky plum Thai sauce. Dee licious.

Crab Cakes: All crab, in fact, I still don't know what was holding them together. Minimal spices and a tangy smooth Remoulade sauce on the side. Very good.

I don't use this word often but flawless. Perry's is known for their service. You might have 4 different people tending to your table but they will be stalking silently and invisibly until you need something.

Expensive, very. Perry's speaks to special occassions and power dinners. Drinks and apps are moderately priced and could substitute for a light dinner. Or you could just tell them you are the Director of Sales and Marketing for the new Ritz and have everything comped :)

Perry's is a couple blocks north of the Crescent, definitely within walking distance. Perry's would be a good stop after visiting the galleries along the Cedar Springs strip. Valet parking is front and center on Routh or you can just park on the street a block further.

Mark, Noeha and Galina @ Perry's


Blogger Adam said...

Right next door to my apartment. I've always been curious about Perry's. Good review. Mark is handsome.

1:07 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Thankds Adam. Yes, Mark is handsome, those Italian men get better with the years.

5:41 PM


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