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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


There were many things to celebrate in January. Noeha - new gig at the Ritz. Alana - nailed her real estate test and is now an agent. Mark - finished his company direction meeting after 4 months of 14 hour days spent planning. Lauren - admission to law school. Galina - a birthday and still looking like a model after two children. Tara - finished her first year of grad school with a kickass 3.9 GPA. Paul - survived his week long stint in South Carolina. Me - only 11 months of school to go!

So we had a January celebration dinner Saturday. Not like we need a excuse to do these but sometimes it helps with nailing everyone down in one place at one time :)

Tara's side, Mark, Lilia, Noeha, and Galina's back @ Jim's

I made THE mushroom port lasagne, it has become my signature dish. To date this has produced 4 marriage proposals and many more squeals of delight. It takes 3 days to make but it is worth the effort. There is no way I will type up the 6 pages of ingredients and directions but if you are interested check out the source, Field Of Greens .

Galina, Lauren and Tara's other side @ Jim's

Everyone brought something for dinner: Goat cheese, brie, carmelized onion and mushroom pizza (Tara). Antipasti salad with provolone, salami, garbanzos and tomato in a red wine vinaigrette.(Noeha). Canolis(Lauren & Paul). It was all incredibly good and went well with the wines from Galina, Mark and Lauren.

Mark, Lilia, Noeha and Paul @ Jim's

This picture is interesting because we have Lilia and Noeha together in the middle. Both share much in common: they are both young, attractive, intelligent, sweet-natured, fun-loving ambitious women. They also share one other thing in common - the same ex-husband. Yep, and they have become friends. Their children consider each other family. If I were the ex-husband, I would be feeling really small and very self-conscious right about now.

Pity :)


Blogger Brian said...

You make me want to eat things.

11:21 AM

Blogger The Persian said... sure do. Mushroom Port Lasagna....omg. You have such amazing friends! It's no wonder you all arent obese!


12:53 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Look into lasagne, eat the lasagne, look into the lasagne, eat the lasagne. You are getting very hungry, eat the lasagne :)

2:27 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Yeah, it is surprisingly we arent packing on more pounds. These kinda meals are spread out though, like once a month. In between we just eat carrots and drink water :)

2:29 PM

Blogger Adam said...

Have you ever considered a career in food? You talk about it with such passion and you sound like a great cook.

When are YOU going to be in these pictures? Hmmmmm??? ;)

3:17 PM

Blogger Jim said...

I explored that option Adam but I found culinary school to be TOO expensive. I also don't want to turn my passion into a J.O.B. Maybe I'll be a food critic for my next career.

Oh, yeah, I'm not actually a real person but an artificial intelligence program simulating one, so pictures are not appropriate :) (I'm usu. the one taking the pictures)

7:17 PM

Blogger Matthew said...

Wow - that sounds like fun Jim - you guys did have a lot to celebrate....

I am celebrating having my computer fixed finally....

1:28 PM

Blogger Jim said...

Yay, FINALLY, your computer is back up. Welome back Mattito!

2:56 PM


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